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I love the art of cleverly crafted communication!

My love of writing naturally lead me to complete two degrees in Arts - Communications and Business Marketing at Monash University. When it was time for me to pursue full-time employment, I was always attracted to positions that enabled me to write and be creative.

Throughout my career, I have worked across a variety of sectors and industries.  From small business, corporate and the not-for-profit sector. There's a huge part of me that is drawn to the not-for-profit sector and I think there always will be.

Words are my thing and over the years I've been lucky enough to foster this love of all things wordy by managing social media platforms, developing content for websites, overseeing website redevelopments and writing and coordinating the production of numerous annual reports. I've also written countless articles for newspapers, blogs and a variety of different newsletters.  

When I'm not writing, I'm parenting. Three children have a funny way of keeping me well and truly busy between projects.

When Yellow Canary was formed in 2018, it was so out of a very strong desire to help small businesses and not-for-profits grow. I realised very early on, that more often than not, these types of businesses were extremely grateful for a little helping hand when it came to mastering awesome content. 

Fast forward a couple of years and this need hasn't changed. In fact, many businesses are finding it harder and harder to compete with all of the constant marketing traffic.  And it is constant! Breaking through all of this marketing clutter and noise on all platforms and online spaces is extremely tough. That's why it's critical for all businesses, large and small, to invest in quality copywriting and marketing efforts. To succeed, business owners need to actively promote their core business product and service offerings. Sitting idle doesn't work.

At the heart of all promotional copy, there must be an underlying story. A story that evokes connection and drives people to action.

After years of working in the communications space, I've learnt that a holistic approach to copywriting really is the only way. When marketing efforts work together, the message is clearer and the benefits are larger.

Words and even very simple sentences can literally transform your marketing efforts. Behind every incredible marketing campaign is an even more incredible story. So, what are you waiting for? Let's tell your story.


Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia

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