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From small side hustle to big success

Simon Quiddington of SQ Fitness

Simon Quiddington lives and breathes everything health and fitness. He’s the real deal; everything he so passionately believes, centres around a healthy lifestyle; mind and body. His love of fitness began as a very young child, being surrounded by health conscious and active parents. Over the years his interest in the health and fitness industry grew, and out of this passion and interest he developed SQ Fitness.

Sometimes people just know from a very early age what they want to do with their lives. For Simon, it all started when he was young, with a strong interest in competitive sport and staying fit. “Growing up I’d watch my dad workout at the gym. He’d lift weights, and this is when I realised I wanted to train and lift weights too” says Simon.

Simon’s dad was committed and trained seven days a week. His mother was also heavily involved in basketball and was the head coach at the local basketball club. There’s no denying that these two people were extremely influential in helping Simon develop such a keen interest in sport and fitness.

Simon started SQ Fitness seven years ago, and in the last two years has been running an extremely successful online fitness program. What started as a small side hustle, has grown over the years and there’s an obvious reason why: Simon is 100% committed to helping others. “There’s no better feeling than helping people feel alive and reborn after working with them. I genuinely love it” he says.

The six-week shred program is the most popular program at SQ Fitness, and Simon puts this down to its incredible success rate. Over 3000 clients have taken part in the program in just two years and the transformations are, quite frankly, mind blowing. “In just six weeks people make incredible transformations in both mind and body. I also provide them with everything they need to be able to continue on their health journey after the program has finished” he says.

For the competitive among us, there is an $1800 cash prize, every six weeks for the biggest transformation. And just to ease your mind, Simon doesn’t believe in depriving the body of fuel, so during this program you won’t feel hungry or ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry) as I so often call it.

Celebrating your wins is often tough when you’re running a small business, but it’s crucial. When I asked Simon what the biggest highlight has been so far, he enthuses “hands down, without question, all the client transformations. Seeing how happy each person is after they have transformed is so rewarding”.

Simon has big plans for SQ Fitness. “One day I would love to run SQ Fitness from LA, the fitness mecca of the world, that’s a huge goal for me” he says. In reality, nothing can prepare you for the amazing journey that develops when you start your own business.

Gaining exposure when you are just starting out can be very difficult. Simon admits his biggest challenge has been competing in an already saturated, health and fitness market. He hasn’t shied away from this challenge, instead he’s used it to fuel his drive by actively promoting his business online and on social media.

Before the growth of SQ Fitness, Simon Quiddington trained clients one-on-one.

Running a business and working full time as a teacher, is no mean feat. But I get the feeling if anyone can do it, Simon can. He’s bursting with energy and determination and he’s extremely organised. Every Sunday he maps out his working week for both professions and schedules daily exercises.

And by ‘exercise’, Simon is referring to the gruelling workouts he posts daily on his social media platforms. They put my exercise regime to shame, but at the same time I’m genuinely intrigued by the serious level of commitment he has to his health. “No matter how busy I am, I always make time for my own training. It’s my outlet, my form of meditation and it has a profound positive effect on my mental health” he says.

When I ask Simon what advice he gives to small business owners just starting out, he energetically replies “from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, you need to relentlessly work your butt off. Use your passion to drive your business”.

You don’t have to meet Simon in person in order to feel his energy. The program’s testimonials alone, highlight the high level of enthusiasm and commitment he has toward those who join his program. It’s very clear that SQ Fitness isn’t just his job, it’s his true passion.

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