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Creating masterpieces from a humble hobby

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Mother of three, Rebecca Sharp, fell in love with making cakes for her children’s birthday parties. Her passion coincided with her creative flare and, over the years, she has begun to teach herself the ins and outs of cake decorating.

“My mum wasn’t a big cake baker, so learning how to bake and cook wasn’t something I was exposed to at a very young age” says Rebecca. However, working part-time in a cake decorating shop did enable her to pick up the tricks of the trade so she could practise on her cakes at home.

Rebecca continued to practise and develop her skills by making cakes for her children and close family. She’s experimented with numerous flavours and styles, but assures me that after you’ve baked many cakes, the novelty of sampling them wears off. That’s not to say her family aren’t partial, I have it on good authority that no family member has ever knocked back one of her amazing cakes!

Rebecca gets creative inspiration by admiring the desserts and cookies she sees when she’s dining out and admits to analysing these far more intricately than most. “I honestly look at some of the cakes and begin to imagine how long it must have taken to create them. The cake decorating business changes the way you view desserts” says Rebecca.

If you’ve ever baked a child’s birthday cake, you’d know first-hand how hard it can be to master anything beyond a simple butter-icing frosting. I have learnt over the years that cake decorating beyond this point, is better left to the professionals. It avoids tears and tantrums from both the parent and the child.

When I asked Rebecca how long it takes to create these amazing creations I quickly realised that’s why I’m useless at it. It takes lots of patience and creative hours. “Decorating times can vary, some are completed within thirty minutes, others can take up to eight hours” she says.

The creation of Rebecca’s small business, Love My Cakes, just makes sense. She has mastered the art of juggling three young children and running a small business by baking her cakes during nap times, school hours and once the children are all in bed at night. Her cool and calm persona enables her to excel in this space, ensuring every single cake or cookie she creates, is perfect.

Rebecca also believes if there is an opportunity to turn a loved hobby into something more and there is minimal financial risk in trying, then you should definitely give it a go. “I would say to any mum thinking about starting up a small business to give it a try, because in all honesty, you might just surprise yourself” she says.

Rebecca’s new business, Love My Cakes, specialises in cake decorating and cookies for all special occasions.


Croydon, Melbourne - Australia

Delivery available:

Yes, at an extra cost.

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Rebecca Sharp


Facebook page: Love My Cakes

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