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Facing beauty from the inside out – A holistic approach to skincare

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they start to notice the subtle, or not so subtle signs of ageing. Time has a glorious way of leaving a mark across our skin and body, reminding us just how long we’ve been blessed to be living on this beautiful planet. Wrinkles start to appear across our face; what was once smooth plump skin, makes way for dry wrinkled damaged skin. Pigmentation pops up across our cheeks and around our eyes, and if we’re lucky, it will start to appear on other parts of our body too.

Grey hairs sprout up and out like tiny alfalfa seeds growing in a child’s science experiment. The more you pluck, the more they grow. The same rule doesn’t apply for eyebrow hairs though, they grow sparse and patchy and the hairs that once grew there have now relocated and taken up residence on your chin. You can’t hide from your weariness any longer, with dark eyes showcasing your tiredness like a big fat badge of honour.

It’s not all doom and gloom, and with the help of Oria Antonie who knows absolutely everything there is to know about our skin and ageing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Oria is the proud owner of Beaming Beauty in Cheltenham, a fresh and modern skin and beauty bar. Oria has an optimistic and holistic approach to looking after your skin. After spending years in the fitness industry and looking after her body, Oria discovered a love and passion for looking after her skin too. And while it might seem odd to make the switch, Oria believes whole heartedly that skin care begins and ends with looking after yourself as a whole.

From a very young age Oria can remember her mum applying SPF sunscreen to her own body every single day. This sparked an immediate interest in skin care and she began to develop a consistent skin care regime. “I can honestly say I have never gone to bed with make-up on” she asserts.

Beaming Beauty Cheltenham

When Oria’s daughter was born 16 year ago, she decided it would be the perfect time to start up her own beauty salon. For most mothers, thinking about starting up a business after a child is born might seem ludicrous, but Oria is quick to add that her daughter was an easy baby and she desperately needed something to occupy herself.

After spending years in the fitness industry and battling the insane hours required of staff, setting up her own business, doing what she loved, was the logical solution. The success of Beaming Beauty centres around Oria’s honesty and after spending years in this competitive industry, she believes it’s the only approach. “I am very honest with my clients, skin care is and has to be a holistic approach. Skin is a living organ and it will show all the stress we put on it. You can use all the expensive creams you like, but if you smoke, don’t get enough sleep, eat poorly, lay in the sun, your skin will show damage and premature ageing”.

Beaming Beauty Cheltenham

Oria’s personable approach means clients feel comfortable asking the big questions. She acknowledges it can be extremely daunting seeking help, “There are so many products and services available now and people don’t want to feel exploited or ripped off”. Rest assured a session at Beaming Beauty will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed and you’ll feel armed and ready to take on those crows’ feet.

Take a quick walk down a cosmetic aisle and you’ll be in anti-ageing heaven. With creams, serums, lotions, masks, potions… as far as the eye can see. And at this point it’s crucial to add, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ageing. It’s a part of life. It’s natural progression. It’s just what happens. But if it’s getting you down, it’s also your choice if you want to change it. From a holistic perspective, looking after your skin as it ages, is no different to looking after your physical health, nutritional health… the list goes on. It’s simply, one other part of your body that you can care for as you age.

Facials and active facials are extremely popular at Beaming Beauty. “Active facials have a biological effect on the skin to help create positive change. And whilst facials are important, home care is just as crucial in helping create and maintain this change within the skin” Oria explains. Two of the most popular products Oria sells are Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A feeds the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen which keeps our skin nice and plump. Vitamin C protects our skin from harmful free radicals which can prematurely age our skin.

Any small business owner will tell you, that setting up your own business is extremely daunting. When you hit a hurdle, the toll it takes is acutely felt. But, the triumphs are extremely satisfying and it’s this energy that keeps you going. When I asked Oria what advice she would give to anybody wanting to start up a small business she asserts, “Love what you do! I have never worked harder than this in my entire life and I never switch off. I actually love it. I love my job, I love my clients and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else”.

When a client tells Oria of the positive impact her beauty therapy has had on their lives, she is reminded of how important and significant her work is. It’s clear the success of Beaming Beauty in Cheltenham is a result of hard work, commitment and passion. But it’s also extremely obvious that the foundation of Oria’s business is based on honesty and a strong sense of community.

If you’d like to learn more about your skin, then book an appointment today with Oria at Beaming Beauty Cheltenham, you won’t be disappointed.


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