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Five simple ways to increase sales during a quiet period

When the quieter months hit, it can be hard to understand the reasons why. For many businesses operating in the tourism industry, fluctuating sales are a reality and very hard to navigate. For others, quieter periods come and go with very little thought. All businesses should prepare for the quieter periods of the year. Here are five very easy ways to increase sales in the quieter months.

Be a proactive business owner and plan

Many businesses face the slower months reactively, meaning they don’t do anything about the quiet period until it hits. For many reasons, this isn’t a healthy way to manage a business, primarily because the sales you’ve lost are hard to get back.

I suggest a proactive response during quieter periods as a way of limiting the financial loss. If you’ve been operating your business for more than a year, you’ll have a solid grasp already of the busy periods and those that are quiet. Map these out and plan for the following year.

Look at your products and services and analyse these thoroughly against all potential threats in your marketing strategy. Make sure you consider the holiday periods, climate, major events, and other close competitor threats.

When you have a clear map of your quieter periods, plan an advertising strategy around this period, and actively promote your products and services during this time. If it’s quieter because of reasons outside of your control, consider broadening your service/product offerings or changing your marketing message during this period.

For example, if your business is reliant on holidaymakers and is quieter during the off-peak holiday period, consider promoting discounted products/services to locals and neighbouring communities in an effort to continue business as usual.

A proactive business owner needs to prepare for these quieter periods and think beyond their current marketing strategy. Experiment with sales, introduce different products and offer up something different.

Proactive business owners prepare for the quieter periods.

Have a one-off sale

Having a one-off sale during a quiet period is a simple and easy method to drive business. Promote a product that you know everyone loves, offer something at a discounted rate, push a new service you think might appeal to a new client base. This is the time to actively promote your business and to use all of your marketing platforms to do so.

Social media advertising

Plan for your quiet period and schedule in regular advertising for products and services you’d like to promote. Look at clever ways to promote your brand and actively showcase your products and services.

Social media advertising is a very affordable way to reach a large demographic. Most importantly, you can narrow down your advertising so that it reaches your ideal target market if required. Spending a little on advertising with Facebook and Instagram can go a long way.

Cut through the clutter by getting creative with your advertising content. Use videos, photos, and music to engage with your audience. Always focus your advertising on the solution, not the problem.

For loads of social media marketing tips, check out this blog.

Reach out to existing customers

When you reach out to existing customers you are engaging with an audience that already knows you and hopefully, trusts you. This is a massive win for businesses because the first part of the consumer buying process is already complete.

This is your chance to promote a service they might not have used, introduce a product you think they will like or even provide a loyalty discount for being an existing customer. Use this relationship to offer something special and reward ongoing custom.

Use your existing client base to promote new products and services.

Invest time in developing a clear business strategy

A clear business strategy enables you to plan and forecast. When you take the time to map out your clear goals and business vision, you can identify key areas of your business you’d like to promote.

I’ve met with many business owners who are yet to put together a clear business plan. I’ve also met with many who don’t have mission and vision statements. A business without a business plan is often operating day-to-day, a business with a business plan has a vision and clear goals.

Use your quiet period to start and maintain a current business strategy. And yes, your business goals and plans will shift over time, so continue to check-in and update your strategy. When you have a clear vision, your content messaging and marketing goals become much clearer.

Invest in your business strategy and you’ll find your quieter periods become less of an issue. And, while they won’t necessarily disappear altogether, you will be able to more accurately plan for them and have a strategy in place to face them.

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