• Adele Pargeter

How it all started

Little hands writing big letters. Big thoughts in a tiny body.

Fumbling for the words to flow. Creating conversations in my mind.

Ideas tumbling onto paper. Grey lead markings across the desk.

Stopping and starting. No care in the world.

Words dancing across the paper. A smile across my face.

My words heard…..

And tomorrow I’ll start again.

I fell in love with writing at a very young age. It became my greatest escape. I loved the sensation of creating something beautiful, even if I was the only one reading it.

I found myself extremely intrigued by people’s lives. What was their home like? What made them happy? What did they eat for dinner? Would I like to live in the city?

I’d stare at people on the street and begin to imagine what their life was like. I’d create stories in my mind and picture myself in their shoes. What would my life be like if I grew up on a farm? Would I ride my horse to school? Would my school lunch box be filled with fresh fruit picked from MY very own garden?

I’d take my ideas home and write extravagant stories in my journal. I grew to love the challenge of writing and it became a habit that stuck for years.

Unlike many of my friends who resented writing assignments at university, I loved it.

Three-thousand-word essay you say? No problemo! Anything for the chance to engage my senses in something new and start writing. This strange desire stuck!

Sadly, my love of writing waned as each child entered my life- one, two and three. Luckily, my career kept me writing and creating, but it is not quite the same as ‘free’ writing.

A sleep deprived mum and a very foggy brain meant much of my journaling was about my children’s milestones. This is okay too, but it’s not the same.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve not only gained more sleep, but I’ve been blessed with more time.

Time to read and time to write. Time to converse and time to imagine.

I’ve read countless children’s books and watched in delight as my children discover the joy of storytelling. I’ve felt my heart skip a beat, while listening to their own beautiful words dance across their journals.

Watching the fire of creativity come alive in your children is something else. It’s contagious and the excitement of creating becomes energising.

So here I am, sitting at my desk. It’s very quiet, but there is an exciting energy brewing. A new creative chapter awaits.

Thank you for joining me as I embark on this next great adventure.

When there is a desire to create magic, don’t hold back.

Author - Adele Pargeter

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