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How to create customer-centric marketing strategies for your small business.

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that breaking through the marketing madness of today, is not easy. One of the most effective ways to engage with your audience is to prioritise a customer-centric marketing strategy.

What does this mean?

Get to know your customers. Adjust your marketing strategies to align with these traits and behaviours.

Put simply, this means you need to make sure everything your business puts out to the universe, needs to have your customer at the very heart of it. No wasteful newsletters, writing only about your latest products and services. No dry social media posts, alluding to nothing. No newspaper advertisements, offering nothing but a business name and phone number.

Your marketing material needs to offer something unique to your customers. It needs to reside with your customers ‘why’ and solve their problems. This may sound simple in theory, and truthfully it is, but how do you implement a customer-centric marketing strategy in an extremely competitive environment?

The answer is quite simple, get to know your customers, differentiate yourself and remain consistent!

By differentiating your brand, you’re strengthening your chances of survival in a very fast-paced, marketing heavy environment. What makes your product different? Why is your service better? How is this product different to your competitor? Find your difference and push it! But, remember to keep your customer at the very centre of it all.

To truly understand your customers you’ll need to, engage with them, learn more about them, implement honest feedback systems and alter your products and services in ways that genuinely meet your consumer’s needs. Take up residence in their mind and learn everything you can about them.

When you ignore customer feedback, dismiss social media insights, and do business as usual with very little change, your customers are no longer at the heart of what you do.

Small businesses will struggle to compete with the big brands if they don’t become customer-centric. Nothing can beat massive marketing budgets and product placement in every major shopping centre. So, something needs to pull people towards your brand, over and above your competitors.

Small businesses should not be afraid to sell and actively promote, exceptional customer service, ongoing aftercare and industry experience. These are important business attractions and they are often left out of marketing material.

More and more people are moving towards supporting smaller businesses and local brands because they miss quality customer service and genuinely want to see local communities thrive. This is a movement that small businesses should most definitely channel and use to their advantage.

When you tailor your marketing efforts towards your customers, something happens. People connect with your messages and the questions they needed answering, are solved. As a small business, you can very easily strengthen your marketing efforts by creating content that closely aligns with your customers.

There’s a large amount of unlocked potential for small businesses if they truly get to know their customers. The most powerful reasoning for investing in this space is that customer-centric marketing undoubtedly provides a huge competitive advantage. And, in today's fast-paced, information heavy environment, small businesses quite simply, can't let this one go.

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