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How to get started with your new blog

It’s not until you have a blog, that you realise just how critical they are for your business. Driving traffic to your website from other platforms. Engaging your social media audience

with industry relevant information. Boosting your credibility within your sector. The benefits are huge and the effort pays off.

How do you get started and what should you write about?

If you haven’t already, jot down all of the industry topics that are relevant to your business. I’m a copywriter, so I tend to keep my blogs specific to my sector. Writing topics on social media, websites, branding, growing a small business and hey, even blogs!

Rule number #1, always write with a distinct purpose and provide topics that will offer solutions. Guide your readers into your space and provide them with information that they may not have had before. I always like to start with a mind map. Most important concept in the middle, smaller topics and additional key points branching off the central topic. Simple but effective!

Blogs should be long enough to leave people feeling like they’ve read something worthwhile and informative, yet short enough to keep your readers engaged. Most blogs hover around the 600-800 word mark. Some topics are extensive and require a lot more than this, this is okay too. Break up content with bold headings and imagery, so you don’t lose your readers in a screen full of text.

Start jotting down your ideas that are industry specific. Chat with friends and other business owners and research trends.

You’ve written your blog (or engaged a copywriter like me to help you) and you’re ready to hit publish, but now what?

This is the part where many people (I’ve done this too), fall short of gaining the full benefits that blogs provide. It’s looking pretty on your website. You’ve high-fived your co-worker, pet dog or the mirror and you’re waiting for your new blog to work its magic. But all you can hear is the sound of silence…

Switch hats! Time to put your marketing hat on and start promoting that beauty as much as you’d promote your latest product. Share it on your social media platforms. Write a newsletter and include your latest blog. Send out an email marketing campaign and include links to your blog. Share, share and share.

Blogs work fundamentally because they move people to your website. Little fingers clicking away from their Instagram feeds, shuffling onto your link in your bio and staying still for a while on your blog. Magic!

Luring people across to your website, away from what they were doing and shifting their engagement. While there, scrolling through your new blog on your website, they’ll start to do some other awesome things too. Cognitive stuff that starts to change the way they’re interacting with your brand.

Blogs shift the way we engage with a brand. Stopping the scroll and encouraging deeper engagement.

1. They’ll remember your brand. The more time you spend on someone’s website, the stronger the connection becomes.

2. They’ll start to recognise your brand voice and authority in your sector. The more you speak about topics in your industry, the bigger your voice becomes.

3. They’ll start to look through your website. The more time they’re on your website, the higher the chance that they will begin to be curious about you, your products/services and how you can help them.

4. They’ll start to follow you on your social media platforms too. If they weren’t already following you, chances are they will after they engage with your blog content.

Blogs are an exciting way to engage your audience because they purposefully shift the terms of engagement. In a “high scroll” environment, blogs intentionally disrupt the flow. Offering your audience an opportunity to learn more about you in a way that’s far more intentional than a fleeting caption.

Blogs work alongside your social media marketing. Providing content for captions in the weeks that follow, material that can be re-purposed across other platforms and marketing material at the ready for emails, newsletters, podcasts and more.

While the thought of getting started is daunting and the efforts involved to promote your blog are high, don’t let that stop you from taking those first initial steps into the blog world. Once you discover your blog mojo, you honestly won’t look back.

*For those readers who are genuinely excited yet hesitant to start blogging, please reach out.

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