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How to use social media platforms to your business advantage

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Not sure how to effectively use your social media platforms? Getting stuck trying to figure out what content to post and how often? Here are some quick tips on maximising your social media platforms for your business.

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How can your business stand out in the social media crowd? What can you do to maximise your social media marketing efforts?

Not every platform will work for you

Don’t feel you need to be on every social media platform. An inactive social media presence on a slow moving page, is worse than none. It raises more questions and leaves people wondering. So, stick with the social media platforms you feel comfortable and confident with and maximise these.

You might also find some platforms offer greater engagement than others for your business type, maximise your efforts here and maintain your efforts on your other platforms. Contrary, pages that you’d like to see perform better may benefit from some paid advertising and a more aggressive marketing strategy.

Post regularly

Make sure you’re committed to posting regular content. This will vary immensely dependant on your business type, your following and your current marketing strategy. I often recommend my clients commit to at least three posts per week, but for those actively trying to increase their following or are in the middle of a heavy promotional period, posting every day is essential.

Mix up your content type

Experiment with content type by using a variety of different styles. This will allow you to actively identify what posts generate more likes and engagement. When you’ve discovered what posts seem to be attracting high levels of engagement, expand on these.

Change the way you deliver your messages

Explore new ways of attracting viewers by utilising all of the different options on your platforms. Incorporate some video footage, live footage, blog posts, photos, stories, quotes, and shared content.

Personalise your content

When you personalise your content, you’re allowing people to fully engage with your brand. Businesses need to incorporate some personalised content into their social media marketing in order to remain competitive and to help differentiate them from their competitors. Sharing your business story and a little about yourself, builds community and fosters connections.

Make content useful and informative

Ensure some of your content is practical, useful and informative. Use your expertise and passion to educate others in your space. This encourages others to share your posts and also helps strengthens your brand authority.

Get social on your socials

Interact on your platforms, like, follow, comment and share other pages on your feed. Actively engage and develop connections within your industry and beyond. High engagement is crucial in encouraging people to your page and your website.

Utilise your social media insights

Maximise your content by ensuring your posts can actually be reached. Use your social media insights to learn more about your followers and discover the best times to post material. Do your research, find out what they like to see on your page, what time they are active and where they are located. Use these statistics to your advantage and cater content around these findings.

Develop a social media calendar and a monthly content calendar

Set aside some time at the start of the year (or now), to map out key dates for your business. These might be promotional periods, major events and important dates in your business calendar. Then, look beyond your business and look at key themes, weeks and days. Set up a table for these for each month of the year and also each week. Then, work your content in and around these major themes and important dates.

Promote your website

All social media marketing plays a massive role in helping increase brand awareness and recognition and the ultimate goal is to encourage people TO YOUR WEBSITE. Make sure you add your website to your social media platforms, but also make sure you maximise your website content. Link material back to your website, add new blog posts and add this to your bio (Instagram) and share them on your Facebook page. Actively drive people back to your website.

Repurpose old content

Reuse old content that worked well. Reshape old content that worked well. REPURPOSE, REPURPOSE, REPURPOSE. Across your yearly social media calendar, reuse content that received high engagement. I suggest breaking this up across the year and I wouldn’t recommend repurposing content within the same month.

Use your marketing mix knowledge

When all of your marketing efforts work together it’s pure magic. When one starts to get a little old or tired, it can profoundly impact the rest of your marketing strategy. The reality is, your marketing strategy needs to be continually monitored and refreshed in order to remain competitive. When things feel a little stale, it’s likely your clients are also sensing this. Focus on developing holistic marketing efforts, where each one is strongly connected to the other, but solely, still offers something very different.

Yellow Canary offers a complete range of social media marketing management. If you’d like to chat further about how you can improve your engagement across your platforms, get in touch.

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