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Just 10 minutes

I read a fantastic quote last week by Maya Angelou that really resonated with me, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I felt drawn to this because I’d noticed a huge change in my creativity levels since completely changing my approach to writing.

My personal daily goal has been to write for 10 minutes every day. Now, for content creators, this is generally very easy. However, my focus was to steer clear of work-related topics and write freely. Free of restraints, business goals and commitments and to trust that the creative juices would flow.

Some days the words would flow easily, with paragraphs appearing on the screen in front of me within minutes. Other days, I’d struggle to type a few sentences, as if my creative energy had completely frozen.

What I did discover, was the more I practised, the more creative my ideas became. It felt like I was uncluttering my life and clearing out the cobwebs. Some days I’d read through what I’d written and laugh at the madness of it all. It was extremely cleansing to write without restraint.

Then there were times I’d find I was able to express myself more clearly in writing than in conversation. And, it wasn’t until I’d had the chance to unravel it all on paper that I realised what I felt.

I guess it can be so easy to fall into the trap of writing to deadlines, timelines, business goals and the list goes on. But, as creative content makers, we must also strive to keep our own creative juices flowing.

I often find myself working really hard at clearing my mind and eliminating stress. I’m told regularly to “de-stress” and to take “time-out”, so most days I’ll exercise to clear the fog. And on occasion, we’ll take a family holiday, so we can all collectively “de-fog”. Over time I have become very good at this. I know how to find my “happy” place and feel calm.

Up until recently, I haven’t been very good at investing in my creative journey. There is something to be said for nurturing and filling up our creative cups. For making time to do something that brings us creative joy and enables free expression.

So, perhaps writing everyday isn’t for you, but maybe, just maybe, you might like it.

Do you have a guitar that’s yearning to be held? Or, a piano that’s longing to be played? Or perhaps, some paint brushes waiting to paint their next masterpiece?

Just ten minutes a day – try it x

Adele Pargeter

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