• Adele Pargeter

Let your business personality shine

Perhaps the biggest hurdle organisations face today is finding their point of difference in amongst the crowd. While it may seem obvious to you as the business owner, it is often not crystal clear to others.

When I think about some of the most memorable marketing campaigns, it is often those organisations that have managed to evoke strong emotions in me that I feel drawn to. Unlike my husband, I won’t cry when I see a Huggies advertisement, but I will shed a tear or two when I hear a story of anguish.

I’m also more likely to visit my local cafe for a coffee, because I’m slowly learning more about their story. With each coffee purchase, our conversation continues where it left off. The shop owner knows his awesome customer service and great coffee is a winner!

Behind every organisation, large or small, there is a story. These stories need to be told and they need to be promoted. The emotional connection that can be developed through story-telling, between a business and the wider community, is extremely powerful and important. Story telling could be the driver that helps you stand out in the crowd and could also become your biggest point of difference.

Some businesses feel reluctant to share their story because they feel it’s nothing special. You’ll be surprised at how many people will connect with a story that seems relatable and relatively ‘normal’. Your everyday story, might be a story of inspiration to another.

Not-for-profit organisations use story telling in their messaging everyday as a way of building brand awareness and connection within their community. Heart-felt stories enable us to immediately draw on our own experiences, connecting their stories with our own. Not only does this help us understand more about the organisation, but it often drives us to donate or to volunteer. Our action is driven by our emotional connection.

Building an online relationship with your potential customers, is just as important as building great shop-front customer service. The two work together, and in many instances the online connection will develop first. Standing out in the online world is extremely difficult and most businesses struggle to find a balance between aggressive promotion and business personality.

There’s no denying that in order to drive people to your social media page or to your website, you need to be able to connect with them. What grabs a person’s attention more than a face and a story? It’s human instinct to want to look and to go behind the scenes of a business. So, don’t be afraid to use this innate desire, to your business advantage.

Show your face and your business story. Let people in your community connect with the business name so that it becomes more than just a logo. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for reviews or testimonials and use these (with their permission) to help build trust. Let your strong business personality, become a significant point of difference amongst your competitors.

I can help you sell your story. It’s not always easy writing about yourself and sometimes you just need a helping hand to get the words to flow. Contact me today for an obligation free quote.

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